Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cool Guns but not the Coolest

Right now I own only guns that I see as cool and filling a void in my shooting life. The most uncool gun I have is a Para Ordinance CCW. This is cool because it comes from the factory idealized for carry purposes. It is a Commander length slide with the officers model grip. There arent many making this combination in a 1911 platform. It is also an LDA trigger mechanism which is distinctly uncool for a 1911. It is however very good for an everyday carry pistol. I was hesitant to ever even try the LDA for awhile but when I did I decided that even though it is not the end all be all of 1911 triggers it does have a place in the shooting world.

I have a somewhat cool Ruger 10/22. Yeah I know the Ruger 10/22 is so common it should be uncool but mine is the International with the full length Mannilicher stock and nice checkering that is not the most popular option on most 10/22s that are bought these days. Especially since Ruger no longer makes the 10/22 International anymore.

Next on the dockett is a Parker Hale Ugartechea Grade 2 20 gauge Game Gun. Straight stock, splinter forend, 26 inch barrels, choked Improved Cyl and Modified, double triggers. This gun has every feature I would want in a double shotgun. I love the feel of it greatly and even though it is not a high dollar English double it is unique in the world of shotgunning in America. Most like the pistol grip stock with beavertail forend and a single trigger. These things make the handling clunky I find and makes it feel more like a cinder block than a shotgun.

My other more uncommon gun is my muzzleloader. It is a Lyman Great Plains Rifle and it is the only left handed gun I will ever own. I am a lefty. Most unfortunately it is a 50 caliber but I have come to see this as adding to its uniqueness. I would prefer the 54 caliber, true, but this rifle is only going to be used on deer and for that it will be just fine. The patched round balls fly true out of the 32 inch barrel. Sighting is done in the more modern but still traditional manner of a Lyman receiver sight. This is only a 75 yard proposition at best anyway but unlike most people I know my own and my rifle's limitations.

That is it. I have only 4 guns. I would like a few more but not many. I would like a 38 Super Commander but have a problem with getting too many different calibers with my handguns. I would also like a 45 ACP Revolver evetually and maybe a 22LR handgun. My next purchase will probably realistically be a 45-70 rifle of some persuasion.

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