Sunday, July 19, 2009

Took My Kentucky CCDW Class

I had to take a class to be able to apply for my State of Kentucky CCDW (Carry of Concealed Deadly Weapons License). This, as any who have a feair amount of firearms experience will know is very remedial. I found the laws that were overviewed to be somewhat helpful although quite boring. It brought me back to when I was in college as a Criminal Justice student. What most pleased me though was that it was the first time I had shot at a silhouette target in quite some time. Even though the range was only 21 feet I was quite impressed with my shooting.

I have never really been a proponent of pinpoint accuracy nor have I structured my practice or competition routines based purely on it. However I managed to fire 20 rounds in about 30 seconds from my Smith and Wesson Model 60 38 Special. This was firing double action only. As has been posted before this is a handgun that I am quite fond of. This one happens to be a Model 60-7 which was produced throughout the 90s. It is of all stainless steel construction and does not really fit in with the ultra lightweight revolvers that are fashionable these days. I find it to be quite comfortable though and even though the only thing I dont like about it is the hammer spur that can be remedied in short order. I hesitate to modify this revolver though because it is so nice the way it is already.

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