Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Reaction to a Recent Tragedy

This incident:

"A man who police said tried to stop a beer run at a Circle K in west Phoenix was shot and killed Friday night.
Lance Taylor, 23, was with his wife and mother in front of the convenience store near 43rd Avenue and McDowell Road about 9 p.m. when a man in his late teens or early 20s entered the store acting suspicious, said Trent Crump, a spokesman for the Phoenix Police Department.

The man, police said, went to a cooler and took two 30 packs of beer and walked toward the exit when Taylor blocked his path and told him to return the beer. Taylor confronted the man because he knew the employees there and wanted to help, Crump said.
The man did what he was told and as he was leaving he took a handgun from his waistband and started waving it and yelling at store employees and Taylor. Taylor backed away from the man and as the man left the store gun in hand, he met with Taylor's wife who was opening the door, Crump said. The man said something to the woman then hit her in the head with his pistol, police said.
After seeing his wife struck, Taylor came up behind the man outside of the store and was shot in front of his wife and mother.
The Phoenix Fire Department treated his wound and took him to St. Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center but he died of his injuries. Taylor's wife suffered a minor head injury.
Crump said the assailant either fled east on McDowell Road or got into a brown-colored two-door Chevrolet Malibu.
Crump said he is asking anyone with information to call Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS and for Spanish at 480-TESTIGO.
"The arrogance that this suspect showed in this is chilling, and we're asking for the public's help in locating this individual," Crump said.
The man is considered armed and dangerous.
"We need to get this person off the street he shot and killed this good samaritan who was trying to help last night in cold blood," Crump said."


I understand we live in a world where the only people in our society who have the legal right to prevent and act upon the evil in the world are those who are sworn peace officers. Often times these men and women have seen and experienced the things that all of us huddled safely behind our locked doors could only dream about in nightmares.

I understand that for most of us to sleep soundly at night is the idea there are armed individuals paid pathetically little to make snap decisions and judgements on a daily basis and the one time they make the wrong decision all of us who are huddled safely behind our locked doors will judge them as the evil they are trying to prevent.

I understand that there are judges and lawyers who work very hard every day to thwart justice as well as invoke it. These individuals are the deliverers of only a form of law and justice that has been put in place through the political transgressions of the lawmakers that know little of the law and even less of justice but vie for the power of the position and prestige it brings to only try to further their own agenda and win the popularity contest of politics.

I understand that because of all these laws and all the politicking which brings about the norms of our society that eventually the pole shifts and the way of thinking of the lawmakers, the judges, and the lawyers redirects itself onto the greater society and brings about the shift of a society no longer operating on the social contract of the past but the new social contract of flying below the radar, comlying to the demands of evil, afraid of the consequences of doing what it right, and encouraging others to do the same.

I understand I am in the minority and I understand there is no black and white. I regretfully understand the law and the consequences that come with a democracy that is free to evolve as it sees fit as opposed to evolving naturally.

We do have a responsibility to our family and keeping ourselves alive should be paramount in that respect. Are we living selfishly for ourselves or are we all hiding behind all too convenient excuses that follow self preservation around. There will be a time when self preservation will land you in prison as well as preserving the lives of others will. Where do you draw the line when to act and when to run and when to comply?

Mr Taylor's death is unfortunate but maybe this is how he would have ended up anyway in a few months time in a similar instance because of being fed up with the world he lives in.

Just remember this seemingly unrelated bit (I will try to make it as unreligious as possible and unpolitical to keep within the rules):

As it is not our right to determine who lives or dies as it pertains to issues such as abortion and capital punishment maybe so it should also not be our right to determine who lives or dies as it pertains to saving lives.

What I mean is, there are two ways of looking at everything. In the case of the OP the conventional wisdom is to look at it as being irresponsible to try and intervene over a few cases of beer when you have a family to think about. He obviously knew the man had a gun but acted anyway. Still actions like this could land you in prison or in a legal battle. This is the modern way of thinking as our society has become annoyingly litigious. The other way of looking at is that Mr Taylor was standing up against evil and we could praise him for his actions and still ourn his death.

What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right.

I embrace criticism on this and many of you are going to think it does not make sense.